E-commerce Mobile App

Create the e-commerce app of your dreams with ease and start making sales.

Create your e-commerce app with the power of Appforyou and start making sales.

Create and manage easily

With Appforyou remove the economic barriers and create your app easily. Add the features you like, have full control of your plugin on your admin panel.

Have a strong infrastructure

By using Appforyou's powerful infrastructure, have a stable and strong e-commerce app, gain more customers, enhance user experience to the highest level possible.

Get all the necessary features

Product variants, discount rates, filters, similar products, featured product groups, returns and cancellations… Get all the features you need for your e-commerce with Appforyou.

The most convenient way to have an e-commerce app

Do not blow your budget to have a mobile app. With Appforyou's Mobile App Creation Tool, you can easily create an app for your e-commerce, join the mobile world and enhance customer satisfaction.

Choose the features you like, create the app of your dreams.

Do not get jammed in molds while creating your e-commerce app. As well as Catalogue, Order and Online Payment plugins, choose other plugins you need from Appforyou Plugin Library and add them to your app. Here are some plugins you can choose from;

  • Online Ödeme

    Take online payments for your services and products.

  • Katalog

    Display the products you sell, if you like sell the products in your catalogue on your app online.

  • İndirim Kuponları

    Attract the attention of potential customers by discount coupons! Enhance user satisfaction.

  • Kargo Takibi

    Create a powerful e-commerce infrastructure with Cargo Tracking plugin, enhance customer satisfaction.

  • Sipariş

    Let your customers have easy access to your services or products by taking online orders via your mobile app and reach more people.

  • Üyelik

    Decide on your membership structure, specify the fields on your membership form yourself.

  • İletişim

    Share your contact details, let your users get in touch with you with a single click or an e-mail.

  • Bildirim

    With limitless notifications feature reach all your users, send as many notifications as you wish with no cost and get rid of SMS costs.

Easy, affordable, powerful... Create your e-commerce app, and start making sales now!

E-ticaret Uygulamanızı Kolayca Yönetin

  • Farklı yönetim paneli kullanıcıları oluşturup her birinin ulaşabileceği alanları belirleyin.
  • Uygulama istatistiklerinizi görüntüleyin.
  • Tüm kullanıcılarınızın bilgilerini görüntüleyip düzenleyin.
  • Tüm kullanıcılara, belirli bir kullanıcıya ya da belirli bir kullanıcı grubuna bildirim gönderin.
  • Uygulamanızda yer alan tüm pluginlerin içerik yönetimini gerçekleştirin.
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