• You can start creating your mobile app right away just by becoming a member of Appforyou with your e-mail. With our App Creation Tool you can choose the design of your app and get it functional with the plugins in our rich plugin library.

  • If you choose to use the design templates of Appforyou and App creation tool you can create your app faster and easier than you can imagine.

  • After your app is compiled and send for publication by our team, it is published by Google in Google Play Store in 24 hours maximum. This may take a little longer in the App Market depending on their work load.

  • When you have a mobile app, you also need infrastructure services such as hosting, maintenance and backup. Appforyou not only lets you avoid from high costs of app development process, it also provides all your infrastructure needs. That's why you need subscription

  • There is monthly or yearly billing options. You can cancel your subscription whenever you like. If you use payment systems like Paypal you need to renew your subscription at the end of the billing period. If you do not renew your subscription, we keep your project(s) in our system for 1 month.

  • After you create your mobile app, you can choose from our ready-to-use website templates and create a website that has the same features as your mobile app. Your PWA design will be same as your app's. In this way, you can create your website and PWA with a single click.

  • You can use your existing domain name or you can get one from Appforyou.

  • With our plugins like Catalogue, Order, Online Payment, Stock and Shipment, you can create your mobile e-commerce app. You can also have a website and a progressive web app.

  • , Yes, you can earn money by advertising on your app, you can also use a paid subscription modal or you can sell your app itself on app markets. Appforyou does not demand commission from your earnings.

  • You need a developer certificate to publish on app stores. For these certificates, Google Play Store charges a one-time-fee of 25 dollars while App Store charges a yearly payment of 99 dollars.

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