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Build your website easily.

Appforyou platform enables you to create amazing mobile apps and websites without any coding experience. After creating your mobile app, you can choose the theme you like and create your website with a single click.

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With Appforyou you can have a high performance website. You can demonstrate your skills and expertise along with your products and services and reach more customers using e-commerce.

You can either use your existing domain name or get one from us with our full support.

Free Domain Name

You can choose a free domain name with the extension of

Private domain name

You can publish your web site to the domain you get from Appforyou.

SSL certificate

You can easily obtain a SSL certificate and activate it with our Certificate Assistant.

Have a website now and open up to the world!

In addition to having an app with Appforyou, you can also create your website and reach more people.

  • Mobile Compatibility

    As the majority of users will access your website via mobile devices, your mobile compatible site will look perfect on all devices.

  • SEO Optimization

    Your website is designed in accordance with SEO techniques so as to stand out on search engines and reach more people.