Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Meet PWA technology and create your own PWA without coding.

What is a PWA?

Progressive web apps (PWA) is a new software development technology which are a hybrid of regular web pages (or websites) and a mobile application. PWAs transform the user experience of web sites into one similar to that of mobile users. PWAs can work on any browser compliant with the necessary standards and they can be indexed by search engines.

A much faster user experience

PWAs load much faster than web sites. PWAs having a powerful memory usage feature loads much faster than a responsive website with the same features. This enables you to maximize user satisfaction.

High compatibility with every device

Do not get hindered by technological changes or restrictions. PWAs work on every device with internet access as long they are supported by the browser.

Discover the advantages of PWA!

Easy Access

No need to be downloaded like mobile apps. They can work on any browser, and thus can be used by relatively more people compared to mobile apps.

Easy Sharing

Easily Accessible from any web browser, from a simple URL and does not require an app store for distribution.

Easy Publication

Published directly on your web site, so no need to deal with the strict publication policies of app markets.

SEO Service

You can perform search engine optimization of your PWA and acquire more users.

Instant Updates

Without the verification procedures of the app markets, you can update your PWA instantly.

Ability to work Offline

PWAs can work offline so the services offered are accessible even if there is no internet connection.


With Https protocol you can publish your PWA securely.

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