Musician & Music Band Mobile App

Promote your music, enhance interaction, reach more listeners.

Create your musician app for your fans

Promote your music

With Video, Audio and Spotify integration plugins make your music sound on your app. Broadcast your concert videos on your app to reach more people.

Enhance your interaction

Increase your interaction with your listeners with your mobile app. Give news about yourself, create up-to-date posts for your users.

Reach more people

With your concert videos, photographs, and the information you provide about your band members, let more people get to know you. By creating an event calendar for your upcoming concerts, increase your concerts' participation rate.

The most convenient way to have an app for musicians

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Choose the features you like, create the app you need.

Do not get jammed in molds while creating your app. Adding the plugins you like from our rich plugin library to your app, create your unique app. Here are some plugins you can choose from;

  • Zoom

    Create Zoom meetings on your app.

  • Youtube

    Integrate your Youtube channel with your app!

  • Audio

    Publish all the audio files you would like your users to listen on your app.

  • Post Panel

    Either with a few words or just a single image reach your users and let them take your messages.

  • Spotify Integration

    Spotify entegrasyon pluginiyle uygulamanıza müzik katın!

  • Event

    Announce all the events you organize to your users, ensure they do not miss any of your events.

  • Membership

    Decide on your membership structure, specify the fields on your membership form yourself.

  • Notification

    With limitless notifications feature reach all your users, send as many notifications as you wish with no cost and get rid of SMS costs.

  • Gallery

    Promote your business with the photographs of your products and services.

  • Team

    Introduce your team members, speak of their areas of expertise.

Create your app easily and let your music stand out!

Yönetim Paneliz Sayesinde Uygulamanızı Kolayca Yönetin

  • Farklı yönetim paneli kullanıcıları oluşturup her birinin ulaşabileceği alanları belirleyin.
  • Uygulama istatistiklerinizi görüntüleyin.
  • Tüm kullanıcılarınızın bilgilerini görüntüleyip düzenleyin.
  • Tüm kullanıcılara, belirli bir kullanıcıya ya da belirli bir kullanıcı grubuna bildirim gönderin.
  • Uygulamanızda yer alan tüm pluginlerin içerik yönetimini gerçekleştirin.
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