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Online Course System
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About the Plugin

Publish your education videos on your app, teach through your mobile app.

With Online Course System you can offer courses to your users under different catgories. You can either offer free courses or sell them by in-app-purchase system. You can create different sections under your courses, add your videos, create tests and share course materials.

Features offered by Online Course System plugin;

Students: Display all the users attending to a course and manage them.

Course Instructor: Create instructors, assign them to related courses, give detailed information about them.

Course Content: Create different sections, add your educational videos, create sample tests and end of course tests, add your course materials.

Sertifika: Create certified or noncertified courses. Create your own certificate templates easily with Certificate Builder Tool and assign it to related course. Add an end of course test to your course and reward the ones who pass with a certificate. Add open-ended or multile choice questions to your end of course test, specify test duration and passing score.

Access Duration: Specify an access duration for each of your courses or offer unlimited access to the purchasers of your courses.

Course/Repetition Count: Specify the maximum number that a user can take an end of course test. If you like, you can offer unlimited access to the tests.

Video completion lock: By enabling video completion lock make it compulsory to complete previous videos before moving on to the next ones.

Video erişimi: Let your users preview certain videos of paid courses free of charge.

End of Section Tests: Make it compulsory to pass the test of previous sections before moving on to the next sections.

Kullanıcı yorumları: Enable comments for the courses you choose and let your users make comments.