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Restaurant QR Menu
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  • Version: 1.0.0
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About the Plugin

Offer your digital menu to the guests of your restaurant, let them make orders through their apps.

Restaurant Menu plugin enables your customers to view your menu in full detail, make orders by having the qr code of their table read, call waiters, view and ask for their check. Restaurant plugin also involves waiter and kitchen roles. You can allow your staff to log in to the app as waiters or with their kitchen roles.

Staff Roles
Waiter: can create new orders, view the orders made, confirm and send orders to the kitchen app. They can also view waiter and check requests from tables and display order ready notifications sent from kitchen
Kitchen: can view confirmed orders in detail and mark them as being prepared or completed.

Content Management System
Menu Management: You can add the items on your menu in detail and create categories. You can describe porsions, ingredients and extras for each item. You can easily change the status of your products with ease and display whether they are in stock or not.
Creating Tables: You can create as many tables as you like, name your tables and assign a waiter in charge for each table. When you create a table, the system generates a qr code for this table automatically. You can place these code on the tables. Your customes can make orders, call waiters or view menus by having these codes read.
Order Management: You can view open or closed tables, create new tables and form orders for these tables. You can view the orders made, edit the orders, confirm the orders and send them to kitchen app. You can view the status of the orders sent to the kitchen. You can view the checks and close the check and the table.
Staff Management: You can add your staff to the system as waiters or in kitchen roles and thus enable them to login to the app in these roles and take the related notifications.