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About the Plugin

Mobilize the home page of your app with up-to-date content, let your users visit your app more often.

With iScroll plugin you can publish up-to-date content with text and images on your app's home page, you can set how long your content will remain published. You can specify the ones who will be allowed to view your content, create special contents specific to your members, subscribers or a certain user group. You can redirect your users to a certain URL, a plugin or a content by adding a link below your content.

  • Publish up-to-date information such as campaigns on your app's home page.
  • Highlight information on your field of expertise, short notes and tips by creating a field to share them.
  • You can provide links on iscroll for your outstanding content so that users can be redirected to them.
  • Create different user groups and share different content specifically designed in accordance with the features and needs of each.