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About the Plugin

Decide on your membership structure, add the fields you request on your membership form, view your members, create groups and customize your content.

With membership plugin your users can sign up to your system under the terms and conditions set by you, and confirm their membership by e-mail or SMS. If you create your app for a specific group, you can input their data to the system yourself and accept no other membership request publicly. You can specify the required information on membership form yourself and view the information of your members on your admin panel. You can group your members in different categories and share group specific content. On your mobile app, you can create fields only accessible by your members and fields publicly accessible.

  • If you want to create an app for your community, students or parents, you can disable public membership and add members to the app yourself. Bulk transfer your members to your system, add the members manually when needed.
  • Create various user groups, send group specific notifications or share your content with whichever group you choose.