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About the Plugin

Let your customers have easy access to your services or products by taking online orders via your mobile app and reach more people.

By adding order plugin to your catalogue plugin you can take orders for the products in your catalogue.You can display the incoming orders on your admin panel and keep track of them. You can edit the state of the orders and thus let your users track their orders. If you like, in addition to Catalogue and Order plugins you can add Online Payment and Cargo Tracking plugings to your app to create a powerful e-commerce infrasturucture.

Order plugin is a Catalogue plugin addon so it requires Catalogue plugin installed first.

  • With Catalogue, Order, Online Payment Coupon and Cargo Tracking plugins create your own e-commerce app.
  • By creating an app for your restaurant take your meal orders via your app. By offering special discounts gain new loyal customers.
  • If you are a wholesaler, create a special app for your customers and take their orders via your mobile app.