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QR Reader
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  • Version: 1.0.24
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About the Plugin

By adding a QR reader to your app increase its functionality. Let your users make use of your mobile app when they need a QR Reader.

By means of QR Reader plugin your users can read all the QR codes either created by you or someone else. In order to complete the steps for loyalty cards they can get the codes created on your admin panel read. They can get the QR codes generated automatically for each of your events read by their QR reader to tell you that they have participated in your event. You can view the ones who have participated in your events and courses on your admin panel, share content only viewable by the participators.

  • For each of your event or course get end of activity reports. Group the participators automatically and send these groups notifications or share course material.
  • Track attendance for courses like certificate programs where attendance is mandotary.