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About the Plugin

Meal lists, work schedule, conferance schedule... Create the schedules you need and share with your users.

With Scheduler plugin you can create schedules with days, weeks and months and share them with your users. You can either share your schedules open to everyone or assign each schedule to a specific user group or even certain users. While assigning a schedule to a user group or user you can either use the default start date of the schedule or set a special starting date for a certain user or user groups.

  • Share the monthly meal list of your school or company with your users.
  • Create diet lists for your counselees seeking nutrition and diet advice. Assign a different diet list for each of your users and set starting dates.
  • Create different exercise schedules for the members of your gym.
  • Create user groups and send the related education curriculum to the related classes. Create special programs of study for your students and assign each program to the related student.